Our brand

The brand name NU
is the combination of the initials
of "natural" and "unique",
which represents the pursuit of naturalness,
uniqueness,and being chic and the best.
The logo is a pair of angel's wings,
the symbolization of purity,
tenderness and motherhood.

Originates from Shanghai,
from a group of young designers,
they are confident,resolute,elegant,
persevering,gentle and cute,
they have the ability to support the
self-skills and soft heart,
unitl one day they have an angel belonging
to their own.

With this nation bearing in mind,
they look for the best material for
baby-wear across the globe:
natural plant dyed organic cotton from Japan,
prcious cashmere from Inner Mongolia,
Merino wool from Austrlia,
and century-old British LIBERTY printed cotton.
The combination of them is to make
a universally acknowledged brand name.
Every product is designed with
the original intention of LOVE.